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Birthdate:Feb 17
Location:California, United States of America
Amelia; 19. I enjoy film, music, food, television, friends, and being lazy. I am your standard college student, you could say. I am bisexual, and enjoy talking about LGBT issues, but I don't enjoy politics or religion all that much- just enough to keep me aware of what is going one in the world, you could say. I love to write, but I wish I were better at it. I plan on majoring in either Psychology or Sociology. I enjoy cold weather and rain, animals, and a good book. This now sounds like a personal ad. Warning: I enjoy my blog with an extra shot of sarcasm and humor, but I can turn serious very quickly. I hope we can find something in common that we can keep our conversations going.

Television: CURRENT FANDOM (Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, Skins, Misfits) Non-Active Fandom: So You Think You Can Dance; Cake Boss; Ace of Cakes; The Challenge; One Tree Hill; Friends; CSI; CSI: NY; CSI: Miami
Books: Harry Potter, The Outsiders, Shakespeare, The Great Gatsby
Movies: Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, The Hangover, Love Actually, The Sandlot, Home Alone 1&2, The Notebook, Disney movies, Pixar movies
Singers: Kelly Clarkson (MAJOR OBSESSION AKA MOST OF MY LJ), JillandKate, Glee Cast, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Justin Timberlake, Graham Colton, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood
Bands: The Beatles, Mumford and Sons, Muse, Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Green Day, Maroon5, blink-182, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls

Mark/Callie, Callie/Arizona, Callie/Alex, Alex/Izzie, Meredith/Derek, Alex/Lexie, Mark/Addison, Callie/Addison, Mark/Lexie

Glee; Brittany/Santana, Finn/Rachel, Puck/Quinn, Rachel/Quinn; Kurt/Blaine, Jesse/Rachel, Tina/Artie, Tina/Mike, Emma/Carl, Will/April, Will/Emma

Criminal Minds; Morgan/Garcia, JJ/Hotch, Emily/Hotch

Skins; Emily/Naomi, Cook/Effy, Freddy/Effy, Pandora/Thomas

Harry Potter; Ron/Hermione, Luna/Neville, James/Lily, Snape/Lily, Rose/Scorpius, Bill/Fleur, Harry/Luna, Harry/Ginny, George/Angelina, Tonks/Lupin

Misfits; Simon/Alisha, Nathan/Kelly


Grey's; MAGIC(Core 5), CAMAL OT5(Callie/Alex/Mark/Arizona/Lexie); Alex/Arizona, Lexie/Callie, Callie/Bailey, Callie/Cristina, Mark/Derek, Alex/Meredith, Cristina/Meredith, plus friendships of non-canon ships (Callie/Mark, Callie/Alex, Callie/Addison).

Glee; Unholy Trinity/Cheerios(QSB), Mike/Brittany, Mercedes/Kurt, Kurt/Rachel, Footballers(FPMM), Artie/Puck, Puck/Rachel, Quinn/Mercedes, Quinn/Mercedes/Kurt, New Directions

Criminal Minds; Garcia/JJ, Reid/JJ, Reid/Garcia, Rossi/Emily, Gideon/Reid, Rossi/Reid

Skins; Ems/Cook, Naomi/Cook, Three Musketeers(JJ/Freds/Cook), JJ/Katie, JJ/Ems, Thomas/Ems, Thomas/Katie, Twins(Katie/Ems), Effy/Katie, Effy/JJ, Effy/Pandora

Harry Potter; Harry/Ron, Harry/Hermione, Trio(HRHr), Gryffindor boys(HRNSD), Ginny/Luna, Ginny/Hermione, Hermione/Luna, Ron/Luna, Weasleys, Fred/George/Harry/Ron, Lee/Fred/George, Fred/George, James/Remus/Sirius, Hugo/Lily Luna, Albus Severus/Rose/James Sirius

Misfits; Simon/Nathan, Simon/Kelly


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